Zaya and The Amulet of The Unknown

5 min readApr 14, 2022

The ground was as cold as ice beneath her bare feet. Above was littered with flames and dark clouds covered up the once beautiful sky.

Her once magnificent creation has brought itself to the most basic instinct. War. A war over something she can’t remember creating nor what her creation does. Zaya, the creator of the known ViragoVerse, has been around for countless millennia.

She spent her lonesome years wandering the grasslands of Tengri, imagining what it would be like if she had other beings around her. That’s where the missing pieces of her memory begin. Those were the brightest of days. Not worrying about threats or consequences. Just living. Those missing pieces of her memory spit her out here. The light of day shrouded in debris and death. Her most prized creation at war with themselves over trinkets they believe to contain a portion of her divine power.

If only she would’ve been able to create women and not only men. Perhaps this war wouldn’t be happening. Zaya’s lust-filled figure was complimented by her brown Mongolian-woven royal corset and dress. Her black hair tied into extravagant pigtails that were decorated by gifts of her followers. Though she didn’t know it when given them, four of the gems in her hair were about to change everything she knew about the ViragoVerse.

Her brave warriors are all but wiped out and now it was her turn to take to the battlefield. Her eyes glowed a bright white light. Balls of liquid hot translucent gas formed around both her hands. Her feet peeled from the dirt below. Her mind already decided on the destination. “When you see me again, know the war is over,” she proclaimed. She shot into the air with blinding speed, leaving behind war-weary cheers for her warriors.

The opposition had no chance of stopping her. The wind she generated was enough to knock an elephant over. The countless legions of soldiers in front her collapsed the ground as she flew overhead. Catapult support beams buckled and collapsed. For the first time in a long time, she knew what she had to do. But will she be able to do it?

She slammed into the stone walkway of the enemy castle. The wood doors to His throne stood unguarded. Nothing stood between her and her destiny, yet a strange sense of hesitation tugged at the inner linings of her stomach. She ignored it and pressed forward. Nothing was going to stop her from getting that amulet. She blew open the doors and they flew off their hinges.

He sat on his golden throne unphased, almost like he was expecting her. “Glad you could make it, Zaya. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show,” he said. Zaya stepped through the doorway and that’s when it happened. A beam of light shot down at her. She shook and convulsed in agony. Her screams of pain could barely make their way out of her lungs. The light dissipated and she slammed to the ground. “What have you done to me, Merith?” Zaya asked. “I just evened the playing field by stripping you of your Gold-like powers.” “You know nothing about what you hold with that amulet. It has corrupted you.

Please, give it to me and let peace be had once more.” “This amulet hasn’t corrupted me.” He flashed the golden amulet that hung from his neck with ancient Mongolian hieroglyphs etched over it to Zaya. “It just showed me what you truly are. Now, do this like a woman and fight me.” Merith charged at Zaya as she struggled back to her feet. He slammed into her weakened body, and she flew back into the stone wall. “If you want your powers back, you’re going to have to beat me.” Zaya clawed her way back to her feet and took a fierce pose with her hands clinched in tight fists. Her knees nearly buckled trying to adjust her new state of being but luckily her dressed covered them. “I don’t need my powers to beat you.” “Then let’s stop talking and get this over with.” Zaya blocked out the strain and rushed at Merith who did the same. No weapons, no barriers, just their wit and bodies. They slammed into each other’s face with a powerful fist.

Ripples of air pulsed outwards like waves in the ocean. Neither of them moved an inch. They both struggled to move the other with their fists on the others cheek. Their eyes never losing sight of the others. Zaya had the knowledge of every weakness a man has. The advantage was all Zaya’s. She bent her leg into a right angle, with her left hand she grasped the Amulet with her fingers, and in one swift motion, she ripped the amulet from Merith’s neck and thrusted her knee into his groin. Merith flew back and slammed into his throne. The force of the blow knocked various trinkets and talismans off of shelves. “You cheated!” The light beamed down around Zaya. This time, it restored her powers and filled her with energy. A sign of relief escaped her lungs. “I didn’t cheat, just outsmarted you.”

Her eyes glowed once more and Merith winced in preparation of destruction. “I’m not going to kill you. No, you shall live as an example to those that wish to stand against me.” She flew out of the room and back to her people. While in the air, she could hear the cheers of her followers. When she landed, she was greeted with more cheers and praise. “Next time, let us start with you in the fight.” One of her followers said with a smile. “Hopefully there won’t be a next time.” When she finished, four gems of different colors in her hair pulled towards the amulet and the amulet pulled towards them.

“What’s happening?” another follower asked. “I’m not sure.” The four gems ripped from her hair and fell into perfect alignment on the amulet. A few silent moments later, four different color rifts structured like lightning bolts carved themselves into existence. The men braced themselves for battle once more. But what walked through caused them to lower their weapons. Thousands of women all blessed with a body similar to Zaya stepped cautiously through the rifts.

Zaya didn’t know what to say, it was as if the women were made in her image. Does that mean she’s capable of creating more than just men? She wasn’t sure but what she was sure of is that she sensed evil in some of them.

written by: Tim Green




7,777 Powerful Viragos with hidden Mystical Powers from a futuristic Dimension entered through the Rifts and are now a part of Tengri