Virago: The Beginning, Explained

2 min readJul 29, 2022

Virago is the first interchangeable NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for true Ownership and Customization. Virago is also developing its own Metaverse with a series of Games. The team behind Virago, Togtuun Labs has been Innovating and delivering since its inception. By Holding a Virago you can choose between different poses to display and change the name of your NFTs.

Virago: Streetbrawl in-game footage

Utility & Innovations

As mentioned above with the name changing and poses, there are other Utilities that the Virago team is offering. Virago Holders will be able to stake their NFT to earn $NAILS which they will be able to use in-game as well as in real life.

Virago pose change

Virago is currently building a Non-KYC Exchange that will allow holders to withdraw and deposit Funds without having to provide any Documents. It is the epidemy of decentralization.

By owning a Virago NFT you will get access to Web3 Tools for free by using their Proxy Service that is currently in development. Virago already has given its Holders a free subscription to & , 2 well-known Web3 services.

Virago has a handful of Partners that provide real life utility to its Holders. Recent partnerships include:, Myria, CumRocket, ToniColors, Club101.


Virago: Unchained is the Featured Game that Virago is currently developing. Virago has a Prototype which is currently available to download and play. Virago: Unchained is a fully hand animated competitive play and earn fighting game with beat’em up gameplay in the story mode.

Virago: Unchained

Virago: Streetbrawl is a beat’em up mini game with competitions and prizes. The game is currently playable in the Browser and available on the Google Play Store. The Game is not only nostalgic but also tells a little bit about the Lore behind the ViragoVerse.

Other than Unchained & Streetbrawl, the team is currently developing other games including a Platformer and an endless runner.

Virago is currently Minting for only 0.0345 ETH, Join the Discord and be a part of the #ViragoVerse.




7,777 Powerful Viragos with hidden Mystical Powers from a futuristic Dimension entered through the Rifts and are now a part of Tengri